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We are young and very creative international gamedev-studio. We just make mobile games that we always dreamed to play with our friends.
RMind Games Studio
We focused on creating high quality mobile survival RPG games for players all over the world. Dynamic maps, constant generation of new enemies and loot. Multilevel crafting system and leveling of characters. You can choose the difficulty of your game for yourself: sandbox or real survival. Are you a loner or do you like to play with other players? You can always choose offline single player or online multiplayer mode. Atmosphere, realism and hardcore survival, where everything will be decided only by chance and your preparation for the apocalypse.
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We work at our own way: with care of players, think over game content, carefully prepare for each in-game event. We are constantly working to ensure that our games remain interesting, and the community is friendly and open to communication with other players. Playing our games means that you will enjoy your game-time by taking part in role-playing episodes of the game, strategizing in tactical combat and interacting with other players in multiplayer mode.
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